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Bocas del Toro is one of Panama’s top tourist attractions. Where else can you relax on glistening beaches with scarcely a soul in sight and hike through rainforests so nature rich that Lonely Planet Guide calls them “a biologist’s fantasy”? Bocas is part of an archipelago aqua blue waters, palm-lined white-sand beaches and dense rainforest jungle.


You can choose from lodging in Bocas town on Colón island or on one of the many nearby islands. Bocas town is laid back and has a surprising variety of restaurants and nightlife spots. It’s a friendly place and most of the locals speak English. Lodging on a nearby island means intimate experiences with nature, eco-tourism, romantic getaways and fun families’ vacations. Bocas is also considered mecca for surfers for both beginners and experts.

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Bocas del Toro features a tropical rainforest climate. The area does not have a predictable dry season. The driest months are October, January, and March.[3] During the course of the year Bocas del Toro sees a copious amount of precipitation. Bocas del Toro averages 3,458 millimetres (136.1 in) of rain per year. Temperatures are consistent all year (high: 83–90 °F [28–32 °C], low: 71–75 °F [22–24 °C]). Sunrise is normally around 6 AM, and sunset is around 6 PM local time. These times vary only slightly during the year.


Also, the surfing is great during the rainy season in Bocas, which also takes place during the months of July and August. The sun will peek through the clouds at certain parts of the day, but overcast skies are the norm. Unfortunately, the rainy months make for undesirable diving conditions due to the poor visibility in the ocean. This is caused by a constant stirring of underwater sediments.


September and October are the driest months in Bocas del toro, followed by May and June. Statistics have shown that March is the sunniest month of the year throughout the chain of islands. Many travelers are surprised to find a peak of liveliness during the month of September, which is when the annual fair takes place. Bars and clubs are open quite late and the energy in the streets is warming. September is a month of cultural celebration.

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